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How Long & How Much will my Divorce Cost Me?

Perhaps the most complicated questions asked in any divorce is how long the process will take and how much will it cost. There is no hard and fast rule for either of these questions. How much it will cost you depends on how much time is spent on your matter. How much time is spent on your matter depends on you and your spouse. Your divorce is one of the last things you and your spouse will do for your family and as a family unit. If you have children, it is always best to end your divorce quickly and allow the children to acclimate to the new normal. The sooner you can agree on what to do with the children the better for all concerned.

That means there should be a give and take and deep soul searching when deciding what course of action to pursue. Do the children live with you or your spouse? If they live with your spouse, what type of parental access will you have? It will never be enough, regardless of who the children live with. Keep this in mind as you navigate this issue. To the best of your ability, keep what is in your child’s best interest ahead of your own. If you can’t work together to resolve this between the two of you, the Courts and lawyers will assist you. That includes the lawyer that is assigned to represent your children’s interest. This of course will drive up the time spent on your matter and accordingly, drive up the costs.

Once you have decided what happens with the children, next is the economic component to your divorce. There may be maintenance issues, child support issues and dividing of assets. Much like custody, the longer you fight over these issues, the higher the costs which ultimately drains financial resources away from your family. Think about what you really need and try your best to be compromising. Do not give up the farm, but do not create issues which really are not necessary. For example, nothing will drive a court crazier than having to divide the china dishes or a coffee table. Don’t waste time on that stuff. That is not where you want to draw the line in the sand and fight. You will be moving on, do so with as much of your financial resources in your pocket as possible.

Ultimately, you can only control your actions. If your spouse is not of the same mind as you, they may be acting unreasonably and that will lead to a protracted action. However, to the best of your ability, stay calm and navigate the issues the best you can keeping in mind, the more you fight, the longer it will take and the more expensive your divorce will become. Focus on your outcome, stay strong and keep taking ground.

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