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Filling for Divorce During the Corona Virus

You finally decided that it is time to end your marriage only to find out that as of today, the Courts are currently not accepting new applications for divorce. Here is what you can do while you wait for the Courts to reopen. First, speak to your spouse. If this is a mutual decision, then attempt to settle as many issues as you can between the two of you. The more issues you can resolve between yourselves the better off you will both be in the long run. Some issues which maybe complicated are child custody and support. If it’s not a mutual decision, this may be a time to discuss the matter and see if counseling may help. If you still determine that a divorce is in your family’s best interests, there are things you can do.

Assuming that you cannot resolve all your issues, find an attorney. With courts closed, you are not in a rush so take your time. Once you found your attorney they will tell you to gather some financial documents. Gather three years of tax returns, checking and saving account statements, credit card statements and any investments you may have. Next, your lawyer will have you fill out your statement of net worth. This is a sworn document which lists all your assets and liabilities. Take your time filling out this form. While most cases settle, should you go to trial, this document becomes very important so make sure that it is as accurate as possible.

Prioritize what outcomes are “must haves” and what are not as important to you. If they are not important to you, do not spend much time on them. The must haves, once you have decided what they are, explain them to your attorney and also explain why. It is easier for your attorney to advocate on your behalf if they know why they are fighting for the issues which are most important to you. It will also help the Court if they understand why you simply must have whatever it is you deem of the utmost importance. Focus on your outcome, stay strong and keep taking ground.

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