Long Island Slip & Fall Attorney

In many cases, falling is more of an embarrassment than the sustaining of any injuries. But if neglect is the cause for the fall, and you have injuries that have precipitated medical expenses and wage loss, you will want to speak to a personal injury lawyer. The lawyers in the firm of Divins & Divins P.C. of Long Island, NY, give careful attention to each individual’s case and are professional and experienced.

A slip & fall injury accident occurs when a person falls down and is injured on another’s property. Examples of this type of fall are:

  • Falling on the ground outside – This may happen because of an icy patch, an uneven sidewalk, an unseen obstacle, or a soft spot that gives way.
  • Falling on an inside floor – A newly waxed floor, a wet floor, a rug that slides or curls up at the edges, a carpet that is not tacked down properly, a floor that slants, or a spill can cause a person to slip and fall attorney Long Island.
  • Elevators, escalators and other mechanical people movers – Although these generally run very smoothly, a lurch or abrupt stop can make a person lose their balance causing a fall.
  • Steps and stairs – Outside or inside, steps can be the site of a fall. They may be slippery from being worn down or from ice. There may be trash or other debris on the steps. The steps may be uneven in height or depth. Handrails may not be securely fastened or missing.

The question in a slip & fall injury accident is, “Who is responsible?” For a claim to be made, it needs to be proven that the property owners were negligent. It needs to be demonstrated that they caused or allowed the dangerous condition that instigated the fall. If it was a condition that they did not cause, but they knew about it they should have warning signs posted. You must ask yourself some questions. Were you aware of the possible hazard? Were there signs posted that you didn’t see or ignored? Were you in an area that was off limits? Property owners will not be liable in cases like these.

If you have had a slip and fall lawyer long island injury in the Nassau County or Suffolk County areas, seek professional advice from a law firm that gives personal consideration to each case. Divins & Divins is dedicated to their Long Island clients.