Long Island Sex Charges Attorney

While the tightened restrictions and additional deterrents to sex crimes can have positive effects on society, Divins & Divins, P.C. also recognizes that sex charges have become dangerous weapons against the reputation of individuals. Becoming a convicted sex offender carries serious, life-changing consequences even though sex charges can be made at a whim as an intimidation tactic or an attempt to repay real or perceived emotional hurt. With the increasing media hype and widespread use of this devastating use of the law, Divins & Divins, P.C. is committed to providing the professional defense for clients who find themselves facing charges that could remain on their records for life.


Expert Legal Knowledge

While expert legal knowledge is essential for any type of defense situation, the necessity of relying on trusted and experienced attorneys is undeniable when it comes to sex charges. Without an adequate understanding and application of the nuanced and evolving laws related to sex crimes, charged offenders will face an impossible battle. The attorneys at Divins & Divins, P.C. believe that excellence in their field includes a commitment to continually learning and investigating. They understand the importance of knowing about and responding to current legal environment, trends in other cases, and developing procedures and they remain devoted to providing the expert assistance required for accused sex offenders.


Careful Communication

The nature of sex charges creates an additional need for extremely careful communication. Comments of any type can easily be used against an individual as evidence. Divins & Divins, P.C. will provide careful guidance and professional insight as sex charges are pressed. The commitment of the firm to keep clients informed during every step of the process proves that its attorneys understand the importance of every aspect communication. The professionals at Divins & Divins, P.C. invest in their clients through careful communication, enabling those clients to have the confidence they need.


Ethical and Researched Representation

With highly charged emotional accusations and often subjective evidence, sex charges need to be met with representation that is committed to ethically revealing the facts. Divins & Divins, P.C. has an established reputation for providing that type of representation for clients. The experienced attorneys at this firm have proved their commitment to practicing law based on sound principles. They realize the intimidation and devastation involved in facing sex charges and remain committed to protecting their clients from the lasting stigma of false accusations.