Long Island Restraining Order Violations Lawyer

Restraining orders often come from extremely emotional and complicated relational turmoil. Domestic restraining orders can especially carry significant background that leads to reactive actions and responses. Divins & Divins, P.C. realizes that if you have become the recipient of a restraining order, you are in most likely in the midst of a painful and difficult circumstance. With over 15 years of experience in providing an outside, objective perspective on highly charged emotional situations, the professionals at Divins & Divins, P.C. are prepared to help you as you respond to consequences related to heightened and threatening tension between you and another person.


Since a Domestic Restraining Order can be easily filed against anyone, Divins & Divins, P.C. remains committed to helping each client facing this circumstance fully understand his or her rights within each stage of the process. The intimidation created by the filing of a restraining order can often leave an individual with a sense of complete loss and helplessness. Without a proper understanding of the rights within the circumstances of a restraining order, a person can easily exacerbate a delicate and explosive situation. Divins & Divins, P.C. helps clients understand and practice their rights even within the tension connected to any type of restraining order.


The period of time between the filing and serving of a restraining order is often critical. The specific requirements necessary for the official issuing of a restraining order remain pivotal to the outcome of the hearing and ultimately the criminal record of the person receiving the restraining order. The attorneys at Divins & Divins, P.C. pride themselves on thoroughly investigating and representing their clients’ cases. With an expert knowledge of the legal minutia, they can provide defense that is ethical, solid, and objective.


Understanding the serious ramifications of what could seem to be the most insignificant actions enables anyone with any type of restraining order to carefully respond to the difficult circumstances. Divins & Divins, P.C. continues to protect and defend its clients first by carefully explaining the details and consequences of each case and then by ethically representing the intentions and actions of each client. A case involving trauma within close relationships requires an especial need for clear, objective guidelines and honest, committed professionals. Divins & Divins, P.C. has the record to prove that its attorneys can offer this type of legal help in times of crisis.