Long Island Negligent Homicide Attorney

Murder is probably the most heinous crime one person can commit against another person, especially if the deed was carefully planned and manipulated to end a life. There are cases, however, where death was not the intended outcome. The law calls this negligent homicide. Sometimes the line between the two is very fine, and it takes a skilled lawyer with experience and expertise to help a defendant navigate the waters of justice. Divins & Divins, PC is just that, a legal team with knowledge of the laws governing many crime situations.

Based in Long Island, New York, Divins & Divins services both Nassau County and Suffolk County. They have a close working relationship with police, investigators, prosecutors, and other authorities that helps them negotiate the best outcomes for their clients. They offer a free consultation and meet in person to discuss the best course of action for individual cases. They have expertise in family law as well as criminal law, defending cases of larceny, fraud, drug charges, sex charges, gun charges, assault, murder, and negligent homicide.

Negligent homicide, sometimes referred to as involuntary manslaughter, is the charge brought against an individual who has caused the death of someone else through gross negligence or serious recklessness but without malice or intent to kill. Such cases often involve motor vehicle accidents, including boats, planes, and even snowmobiles, especially if drugs or alcohol are involved. Safety regulation violations in the workplace or entertainment venues that result in someone’s death also fall in the category of negligent homicide. Lawyers sometimes bring this charge against those involved in child abuse cases where gross neglect of a child has resulted in death.

A case often cited with respect to negligent homicide is the case of Aeroperu Flight 603 that crashed en route to Chile, killing all 70 people onboard. Investigators discovered that a piece of duct tape had been left accidentally on the static ports, which are crucial in providing correct instrument data to the cockpit. The grounds crewman who left the duct tape there was found guilty of negligent homicide, and the airline had to pay out one of the largest settlements in airline history to the victims’ families. Though lawyers argued for blame to fall on those higher in the chain of command, the sentence fell to the man who left the tape in place.

A charge of negligent homicide often carries a lighter sentence, typically 3-5 years, depending on the circumstances of the case and the laws of a particular state. That is why it is important to find a lawyer who understands these nuances and can defend a client with expertise. Being the cause of another person’s death is devastating enough without getting lost in the maze of legal proceedings. Divins & Divins can be a city of refuge for such a person.

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