Long Island Motor Vehicle Offense Attorney

Operating a motor vehicle is often a daily and necessary risk. Major or minor offenses that can be committed by any motor vehicle operator often happen because of simple mistakes or misjudgments. And a sudden crisis and split-second response can lead to serious ramifications that change lives forever. Divins & Divins, P.C. realizes that responding to motor vehicle offenses can be intimidating and embarrassing.  With the most serious types of offenses, guilt and fear can also inhibit individuals from properly understanding and seeking the justice they deserve. Divins & Divins, P.C. offers the expert advice and professional representation that can help you navigate through the details of responding to any type of motor vehicle offense.


Understand Your Rights

Despite the circumstances of your motor vehicle offense, you deserve to understand your rights as a motor vehicle operator. Divins & Divins, P.C. has established a reputation of excellence in client service that includes a commitment to explaining as well as defending the rights of every client. The experienced lawyers at Divins & Divins, P.C. realize that most motor vehicle operators do not have the time or interest to research the nuances of traffic and motor vehicle laws. They also realize that motor vehicle offenses do not all happen in the same way, so they want to be sure that their clients are treated with the individual justice that their specific cases deserve. Accepting charges and consequences to motor vehicle offenses without understanding your rights could seem like the simplest option at the time of a hearing, but may lead to long-term results that will continue to resurface throughout your life.


Understand Your Options

Divins & Divins, P.C. strives for ethically sound and client satisfactory outcomes to every case entrusted to the expertise of the lawyers within the firm. Part of the reason for the success of this firm in meeting these goals over the years is the commitment to provide complete information about a case all throughout the legal process. Since each motor vehicle offense affects specific individuals and take place within specific circumstances, the options for responding to charges should be specific and customized to each client’s needs. Without the aid of an expert to sort through the facts and explain the pertinent laws, motor vehicle offenders can agree to consequences they don’t fully understand or overlook ethical options that legitimately grant them justice for specific offenses.