Long Island Gun Possession Lawyer

Being charged with a gun crime in New York is very serious and can have grave consequences. New York’s gun laws are some of the strictest in the country and it is important to know the current laws as they do change. As experienced criminal lawyers, Divins & Divins P.C. comprehend these laws and are ready to help. We believe that if you have been accused of violating a gun law, it is essential to have this kind of assistance promptly. Time is needed to gather information and build the best possible defense against these gun charges.


Federal and State Gun Laws

Federal gun laws include restrictions on who can own a firearm. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms regulations state that you cannot have a gun for various reasons such as: being convicted of a crime punishable by a prison term exceeding one year; being a fugitive from justice; addicted to or illegally using a controlled substance; ruled mentally defective or committed to a mental institution; an alien who is illegally in the United States; being dishonorable discharged from the Armed Forces; renouncing one’s citizenship; being under a restraining order involving an intimate partner; and being convicted of the misdemeanor of domestic violence.

The state of New York restricts possession of a firearm to those who are residents of New York. They do not grant reciprocity to those who have permits from other states. Residents who would like to possess a handgun must apply for a license. Some counties require a safety course and exam before a license may be issued. There are various gun charges that can be filed pertaining to gun possession. Intention to use a firearm unlawfully against another person may lead to a misdemeanor charge. A felony charge may be filed for criminal possession against one who possesses an unlicensed, loaded firearm outside of one’s home or place of business.

Criminal use of a firearm is when a firearm is used in the commission of a felony. A gun does not need to be discharged, but simply possessing a loaded weapon or displaying it may lead to felony charges. Many of these charges carry minimum prison sentences.

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If you find yourself facing gun charges in Long Island, you will find no better, more experienced, more ethical attorneys than Divins & Divins.  They know that time is critical.  Don’t delay, call for a free initial consultation.