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Buying a home in Nassau County or Suffolk County is an exciting step, but sometimes things do not work out the way they were planned. The loss of a job, unexpected financial strains, or divorce can lead to problems paying the monthly mortgage bill. In the worst case scenario, you can be faced with foreclosure actions by the bank holding your mortgage loan. This situation may seem hopeless, but there are many things that a Long Island foreclosure lawyer can do to help you stay in your home. Rather than give up and surrender your house, get the help of a local attorney who will look carefully at your case and give you options for success.

A Challenging Time

When you receive a foreclosure notice in the mail, time is of the essence. If the mortgage holder’s foreclosure efforts are successful, you will be held to a strict deadline for vacating the property and removing your possessions from it. It is important that you get the help of a foreclosure lawyer in Long Island who can immediately begin investigating the specifics of the situation, analyzing your financial state, and devising alternatives to foreclosure that the court will be willing to accept. Your attorney can take a great deal of weight off your shoulders by addressing these legal matters while you tend to the family concerns, work responsibilities, and other pressures that demand your attention.

A Caring Representative

While banks and courts can easily get caught up in paperwork and legal documents, looking only at the bottom line, they need to be reminded that you are a real person with real life needs. Your lawyer in Long Island will stand in for you and show the court that if you are given a second chance, you can complete the financial responsibilities of your mortgage with a little help. In the long run, often a bank would rather allow you to stay in your home with a restructured payment schedule than pay the many expenses incurred by foreclosure and public auction.

Preserve Your Rights

Occasionally, foreclosure actions are actually in violation of the mortgage contract. If your mortgage holder is bringing foreclosure proceedings unlawfully, your lawyer will work to discover the illegalities of the lawsuit and expose them to the court. Throughout the foreclosure process, it is critical that you have a legal expert on your side to make sure your rights and freedoms are preserved.
Foreclosure Lawyer Long Island