Firm Overview

Divins & Divins, P.C. is a Long Island Law Firm. We offer a high level of legal expertise in a variety of different areas, combined with a successful history of practice working as local Divorce and Family attorney on Long Island. Our local experience has allowed us to cultivate personal relationships with experts and with court officials, which play an important part in achieving a favorable result in each case we handle. Finally, our commitment to an excellent client-attorney relationship ensures that you will be closely involved with every step of the legal process.

Our Story

We understand the importance of family law and have made it a priority for our practice. If your family is encountering legal trouble, we value the opportunity to work with you in a way that quickly resolves current issues and prepares you for a bright future. We also take great pride in the efforts of our brave men and women and uniform, familiarizing ourselves with the challenges of military law in order to help preserve their rights during hearings, boards, and courts-martial. Our concern for those suffering wrongful injury or the loss of a loved one in negligent accidents prompts us to make personal injury litigation a special area of our practice. Finally, we take criminal defense cases very seriously. We give every client a fair, open-minded hearing and fight to make sure his or her rights are respected inside and outside the courtroom.

Ethics as a Priority

You will find us to be Long Island lawyers who adhere to a strict code of ethics in every legal activity we undertake. We believe that trust between the client and attorney is the foundation of a successful relationship, and we have spent our career building that trust through high quality legal representation in Nassau County and Suffolk County. Part of our commitment to each client is making sure that they know what actions we are taking on their behalf and taking the time to explain the complex legal procedures that are in motion. We give every new client the opportunity to explain their case to use free of charge in an initial consultation, during which we will discuss what we can do to help. Call our office today; we look forward to meeting you and working with you to win the best possible results.
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