Long Island Drug Charges Attorney

New York is not only the melting pot of American immigration, but it is also the boiling pot for drug cartels from around the world. Subsequently, the number of drug charges runs high in New York. Without the help of a lawyer who understands the laws of the state, an adequate defense will be lacking. Divins & Divins is a law firm in Long Island, New York, with experience defending cases from a wide array of criminal offenses, including drug-related charges.

Types of Drug Charges

There are four basic types of drug charges that can be brought against an individual. The most common is possession. The legal definition of possession includes “the actual care, custody, control, or management” of a controlled substance. Trafficking of drugs is another more serious charge, and it can include drug paraphernalia as well as the drugs themselves. No money need actually be involved in the case for a trafficking charge; a mere delivery or intent to deliver is sufficient. The production of drugs, such as growing marijuana or cooking meth, brings a charge of manufacturing. Conspiracy is the most serious and the most complicated of the drug charges because of the number of defendants involved as well the large amount of drugs and money involved. A defense attorney understands the subtle nuances of all these charges.

Terms for Drug Charges

In the 1980s, America declared a war on drugs and stiffened its penalties for all types of drug charges. Mandatory sentencing was put in place for drug dealers and drug users alike; however, sentencing terms are shifting due to overcrowded conditions in the prisons. Depending on the exact charge and whether it is a first-time offense, judges are finding more lenient ways to punish an individual convicted on drug charges, including fines, community service, and mandatory drug rehabilitation classes. No matter what the sentence, the ultimate penalty is the permanent mark it leaves on a person’s record. This mark affects every aspect of an individual’s life, from getting a loan to getting a job. Someone convicted in a criminal case will bear the brand for life.

Having a good defense attorney is critical. The team at Divins & Divins has the expertise and experience to take the case to court. They provide a free consultation and have a relationship with those in authority to gain a fair hearing. Pleading guilty and serving the time may seem like the easiest thing to do, but guilty or not, an individual facing drug charges would be wiser to seek council.