Long Island Dog Bites Lawyer

Vicious-looking dog

Vicious-looking dog (Photo credit: State Farm)

A dog is a man’s best friend—or so the saying goes. But sometimes, dogs become vicious, attacking family and strangers alike. A dog bite can leave both physical and emotional scars, but insurance companies are reluctant to pay out in such cases. Sometimes it takes a lawyer to get a fair settlement. In Long Island, New York, Divens & Divens Law Associates provide legal advice in personal injury,Dog Bite Attorney Long Island cases and fight to get the victims a fair hearing.

The Facts

The Center for Disease Control estimates that more than 4.7 million Dog Bite Lawyer Long Island cases are reported each year. From surface wounds to fatalities, medical personnel are seeing those numbers go up. Last year, 350,000 dog bite victims were seen in the emergency room with another 850,000 needing various degrees of medical attention. In 2012, there were 38 fatal dog attacks, up from 35 the year before. Yet with such startling statistics, it is even more startling to discover that less than 0.3% of these cases receive any kind of insurance payments; that is about 3 out of every 1,000.

The Law

Dog bite laws vary from state to state, but most hold the dog owner liable for all damages a victim may suffer, which usually entails paying medical expenses. A few states require proof of vicious intent; however, the general legal consensus is that the owner of the biting dog is responsible no matter the circumstances. New York is a “mixed law” state. They combine a one-bite rule with strict rules of liability for the dog’s owner, but these rules cover only medical or veterinarian bills. A victim’s cost may include more and may even have an emotional component that hinders his way of life. For damages outside the realm of physical injury, a victim must prove that the dog had a tendency to bite and that the owner was aware of it. In a case of “serious injury,” the owner could be convicted of a misdemeanor.

The Answer

As with any case, dog bite cases often require specialized knowledge and sound argument to arrive at a fair settlement. A dog-bite victim needs someone who is an expert on dog training and how it affects a dog’s behavior, someone who can make a clinical assessment of a dog’s health, and someone who understands the tendencies and propensities of a certain breed of dog Dog Bite Attorney Long Island & Dog Bite Attorney Long Island. For example, 71% of fatal dog attacks were by pit bulls. Divins & Divins works with such specialists to build and win their cases.

Servicing Nassau County and Suffolk County in Long Island, NY, Divins & Divins offers a free consultation to determine the feasibility of the case. They bring in years of experience and expertise to bring the victim a fair settlement and peace of mind.